It’s about time

It’s about time I stopped letting a place control where I want to go.

It’s about time I stopped letting a company control what I can achieve

Its about time I stopped letting a person be in control of my happiness.



I ponder of something great, my lungs will fill and then deflate.

They fill with fire, exhale desire.

I know it’s dire, my time today.


==>Read This Everyday<==

This is the ever-resounding creed of my life. In the absence, I would fall and never come back to the light.

“Don’t be a victim.”

Say it to yourself. Scream it into the dark that threatens to envelop you. Whisper it feebly when it takes the last of your ever elusive strength. 

Don’t let this world crush your sweet and precious spirit. Don’t let the ugly bring you down to its level. Don’t let the circumstances in your life define who you are. You are worth it. You are amazing.

Don’t become what has happened to you. Figure out who you are and be amazed by the beauty of yourself.

“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.”

-Ernest Hemingway

First Manifesto

I want to live


I want to be free


Free from the negative that seems to follow me everywhere. No more. No more sadness. No more pain. No more of the weight that drags me down and makes me fail to live up to my potential.

I am strong. I can achieve anything.

The fact that adversity follows me is the assurance that I need. This is the assurance that I am destined for greatness. There is so much I can do with my life. My time has only begun.

I want to make art. And I want to be appreciated for it. I am a beautiful person with so much to offer this world. I know this to be true. Nothing can take that away from me. All others who have tried to suppress my greatness will now see me as something to be feared and admired.

Now I realize that all the problems and walls I have faced in my life has been none other than other people’s envy and jealousy of my strength.

I have something amazing to do. I’ve always known deep inside I had a deeper life meaning. I refuse to let other people’s insecurities drag me down.



When I am faced with the feeling of failure. I will step back and realize IT’S NOT ME. It’s not me who is a failure. I’ve already been so strong and amazing so far, DESPITE everything that I’ve been up against. So now that I am free. Who knows what I can achieve. Actually, I do know what I can achieve.




The world is mine. My dream is finally within my grasp